Wisconsin Portuguese Water Dogs 

Wisconsin Portuguese Water Dogs

Loyal and loving, Wisconsin Wisconsin Portuguese Water Dogs quickly become part of the fabric of their owners’ lives

Wisconsin Portuguese Water Dogs relish their work as pets, guardians, workers, and best friends. Though they are not without their challenges, the noble hearts and able minds of Portuguese Water Dogs make them incomparable companions. Wisconsin Portuguese Water Dogs are creative and opinionated. Their great ingenuity and drive can be both a marvel and an annoyance.

 Wise owners commit to early, positive obedience training and to daily exercise for their dog’s mind and body. Portuguese Water Dogs are discriminating canines who evaluate people before forming bonds with them. Once these bonds are formed, a Water Dog loves its “people” with all of its heart. Their sensible, cautious temperament has been preserved from the days in which Water Dogs worked on Portuguese fishing boats, procuring and guarding the day’s catch alongside their beloved masters.

As puppies they are naturally curious about the water- they like to play in their water bowl and, unfortunately, in any unguarded toilets. As adults, many dogs are adept swimmers; some are almost obsessive about water retrieving.  Because of their affinity for one another, there are many multiple Wisconsin Portuguese Water Dog families. These families are treated to the unique delights of Portuguese Water Dog games, wrestling matches, and cacophonous attempts at communication.  Startlingly intelligent, it seems that Water Dogs are quite capable of planning tricks or capers in advance. They excel at problem solving and challenge their owners to keep up with their fruitful imaginations for play and mischief.

At the same time, Wisconsin Portuguese Water Dogs are incredibly sensitive to their owner’s moods. Their big brown eyes and sweet canine hearts see and sense everything. This emotional sophistication allows many Portuguese Water Dogs to thrive as therapy or service dogs. The Portuguese Water Dog is a joy and a challenge. Loving these dogs is easy, but owning one is a responsibility. Be prepared to think, train, and love beyond reason.

About Sunshine Kennels, Wisconsin Portuguese Water Dogs

Wisconsin Portuguese Water Dogs Wisconsin Portuguese Water Dogs

We bought our first Portuguese Water Dog "BO" in 2002, and just three years later brought home "Molly".

We enjoy participating in conformation, agility, obedience, and water work with our dogs. Our dogs do not live in kennels- they sleep in our bed, sit on our couch, and they play in our yard.

As breeders, Wisconsin Portuguese Water Dogs are committed to producing healthy pets who have stable temperaments. It is important to us to find homes that will be appropriate our puppies and want to be involved in our puppies’ lives even after they leave us for their new families. We will always be available to answer questions and to lend support. We at Sunshine Kennels, Wisconsin Portuguese Water Dogs hope that we will produce healthy, sound dogs who enrich and enliven people’s lives.

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Why NuVet Plus is a part of our guarantee

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